Yet Another Watercolor Day

Wow. You’re really hanging in there. Thanks so much. With the time change, I begin to think about sunnier days ahead, which always reminds me of brunches in NY. I don’t know why this particular watercolor makes me think of that but it does. Cheers my friends! Wait a minute…that’s tomato soup ( or perhaps lobster bisque) and a glass of white wine….hmmm, maybe not brunch, unless brunch happens when ‘the sun is past the yardarm’. Bon appetit!watercolor_03

Watercolor Day #2

Another day; another watercolor;  alas, a bit of the grey of the day has managed to creep into colorland.  That said, the torrential rain is swiftly erasing the snow that has certainly worn out its welcome. Thanks for hanging in with me during my countdown to Spring gardening season, and thank you for your kind comments. Cheers!