Resolutions for 2014

New Years resolutions have never been a thing of mine, however, this year might be different. My new Babylock ‘Molly’ sewing machine is a marvel, my sewing skills are improving, and the style and relevancy of my wardrobe is declining,( the latter faster than the former). So, sew I shall. I’ve just treated myself to 4 vintage sewing patterns that I intend to complete within the year, along with a wish list of 8 basic, stylish garments that I feel are within my skill level (although I will have to create patterns for them) and that I can combine with ‘off the rack’, inexpensive, leggings and shirts.

This, my New year’s Resolution, is an attempt to reclaim a sense of style, however modest, that seems to have been lost in the shuffle when we packed up from our cosmopolitan, NYC apartment and moved to the country to dig gardens, chop firewood, can vegetables, make bread, build stone walls, husband chickens, ducks and turkeys, wallow in horse manure,  and, generally, be slovenly.

First up is ‘The Smock’, view #3. Okay, granted; not that stylish, but it’s a comfort thing, a garment I wore when I was 5 and, after all these years, it might qualify for a sort of retro-stylishness, that’s what I’m thinking. I plan to make it in a natural, undyed belgian linen.

1960's Artist's Smock

1960’s Artist’s Smock

Once I get this one going, I’ll post about the other up and coming garments.

What’s YOUR New Year’s Resolution? Do you have one? Any goals or wishes or hopes? Please share them in the comments section.


May you enjoy prosperity and good health!

4 thoughts on “Resolutions for 2014

  1. We’ll start with the simple (looking) smock and see how that goes. If that goes well, then I’ll immediately move on to creating a Michelle sized pattern for a lined, silk-embroidered, 18th century men’s jacket with matching shoes. HA!

  2. It’s the short artist’s smock that I’m going for. As for the ‘housecoats’, hmmm. Why were these ever considered suitable garments to be worn anywhere? Wishing you and Dan all the best for the New Year! I enjoy my travels through you, vicariously. Keep it up!

  3. Can totally see you in one of these – very stylish! :-) Wishing you all the best in gardens and studio – and blog. Love reading your posts. Happy new year to you and A. Hope we cross paths in 2014. xo

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