Handbag #2: The ‘Sara’ Bag

I decided to make another handbag, with slightly reduced proportions. My intention was to make a smaller version of the first handbag, which I now call the Bella Bag. However, during the crafting of the specimen, a few things happened that surprised me. By serendipity, people around me were talking about handbags, utterly unaware that I was beginning to make them. I was surprised to learn that there are very strong opinions on structure/ organization versus minimal organization. The bag I was planning was a scaled down version of the one I’d originally produced… and would have included separate divider compartments, one zippered, one snapped, to control the chaos of what women carry in their handbags.But then, what I was hearing, was that some women wanted something akin to a structured Tote Bag…wide open spaces with plenty of flexibility. I thought about this and produced the “Sara” bag. It has structure, it has an inside pocket to house a pen, eyeglasses and a small notebook or business cards, and the exterior has a padded pocket for a cell phone,(the side that’s held snug to the body, for privacy or even ‘vibration mode’ alerts)  but the interior, with its deep red lining, is as wide open as the Grand Canyon.

Handmade fabric handbag

The “Sara’ Bag, named to acknowledge a dear friend and a Sadie Lou alum.

The shape and style of the bag borrows  from the classic French marketing bag; a ‘panier’ but adds a bit of style and charm with awarm, autumnal, Brunschwig & Fils patterned linen/ cotton blend upholstery weight fabric.

handmade fabric purse

The public view of the ‘Sara’ bag.

Here’s the back…the part that snuggles against your ribs:

handmade fabric purse

Backside of the ‘Sara’ bag.

This bag as available for purchase at my Etsy location, which is listed as: Stonewell Cottage Shop. Feedback is always welcomed!


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