Yet Another Watercolor Day

Wow. You’re really hanging in there. Thanks so much. With the time change, I begin to think about sunnier days ahead, which always reminds me of brunches in NY. I don’t know why this particular watercolor makes me think of that but it does. Cheers my friends! Wait a minute…that’s tomato soup ( or perhaps lobster bisque) and a glass of white wine….hmmm, maybe not brunch, unless brunch happens when ‘the sun is past the yardarm’. Bon appetit!watercolor_03

Watercolor Day #5

Please don’t hesitate to let me know when you become weary of these watercolors, I can take it. Here’s the newest installation; breakfast for purists; soft boiled egg, tea, and plenty of reading material. What could be more luxurious? Bon appetit and enjoy every moment of your day.watercolor_05