Winter Studiowork

Working in the studio during the winter months is a relief from the physically taxing work of gardening, and provides some small respite from the grey and white palette of the winter landscape, which has become so tiresome.  Color is what I long for and the physical contact of pencil and brush to paper or paint. In addition to working on large paintings and painted furniture, I’ve committed to doing one watercolor per day, no matter how trite it might be, to keep my hand in it.  Lacking any gardening wisdom to impart during these pre-gardening season days, I submit the products of my studio time,  and will attempt  to post one watercolor per day until gardening season gears up. Cheers!watercolor_01 


5 thoughts on “Winter Studiowork

  1. Media design :). Your work is amazing, very beautiful and very much appreciated now that I know how hard it is to put pen to paper and make it look anything like something someone would actually want to look at! ;).

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