Yet Another Watercolor Day

Wow. You’re really hanging in there. Thanks so much. With the time change, I begin to think about sunnier days ahead, which always reminds me of brunches in NY. I don’t know why this particular watercolor makes me think of that but it does. Cheers my friends! Wait a minute…that’s tomato soup ( or perhaps lobster bisque) and a glass of white wine….hmmm, maybe not brunch, unless brunch happens when ‘the sun is past the yardarm’. Bon appetit!watercolor_03

Watercolor Day #5

Please don’t hesitate to let me know when you become weary of these watercolors, I can take it. Here’s the newest installation; breakfast for purists; soft boiled egg, tea, and plenty of reading material. What could be more luxurious? Bon appetit and enjoy every moment of your day.watercolor_05

Watercolor Day #3

Another watercolor, but wait, here’s a surprise, a dining theme.  (What’s going on here? Perhaps I’m thinking of the old days when I lived in New York and ate every meal in a different restaurant!?) Well, nevertheless, its a theme that welcomes and reminds me to brush up on my hostessing skills and provide future dinner invitations. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!..and, lest we forget Julia Childs, “Bon Appetit!” (even if this does look like a chinese rstaurant).watercolor_06

Watercolor Day #2

Another day; another watercolor;  alas, a bit of the grey of the day has managed to creep into colorland.  That said, the torrential rain is swiftly erasing the snow that has certainly worn out its welcome. Thanks for hanging in with me during my countdown to Spring gardening season, and thank you for your kind comments. Cheers!


Winter Studiowork

Working in the studio during the winter months is a relief from the physically taxing work of gardening, and provides some small respite from the grey and white palette of the winter landscape, which has become so tiresome.  Color is what I long for and the physical contact of pencil and brush to paper or paint. In addition to working on large paintings and painted furniture, I’ve committed to doing one watercolor per day, no matter how trite it might be, to keep my hand in it.  Lacking any gardening wisdom to impart during these pre-gardening season days, I submit the products of my studio time,  and will attempt  to post one watercolor per day until gardening season gears up. Cheers!watercolor_01