Eggs Galore! On the front step!!

To any of my neighbors who happen to read this blog please know that we have eggs, eggs and more eggs. The pullets have recently begun laying, and they’re a prolific flock of layers, deserving of a Pulletzer Prize. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist). To prevent freezing, we’re keeping them (the eggs, not the pullets) in a cooler on the front steps during daylight hours. If you need them after sunset just knock on the door.

I’ve discovered some wonderful recipes for egg curries, some that use hard-boiled eggs in a thick, onion based sauce, infused with fragrant coconut milk, and others that make use of an omelette preparation, cut into strips and simmered in a tangy, aromatic tomato sauce. I’m enjoying these, as they can be kept warm on the wood stove, or portioned out and put in the freezer.

Cholesterol concerns? I’ve been reading that eggs are very much more healthy for us than we’d previously been lead to believe. They are a perfect protein and the cholesterol danger has been hyped. I don’t have cholesterol issues, and I eat two to four eggs every day. Genetics? Maybe. I do try to consume at least 2 glasses of red wine every day to keep cholesterol levels in check, but that’s not always possible. I do try to make up for it by consuming the equivalent balance at the end of the week, often accompanied by a hard boiled egg.

Here are some links to the absolutely delicious egg curries that I’ve been making:

I’ll have more egg recipes in forthcoming posts.

Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Eggs Galore! On the front step!!

  1. I feel your egg pain! I just made a 14 egg quiche to reduce some of the 9 dozen eggs in our fridge (and I am vegan and don’t eat eggs…) I am going to have to wade through those recipes and will give them a go…cheers for the heads up :)

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