Successful stone wall building workhop

Dry Stone Wall Building Workshop_Spring 2012

An enthusiastic group learns how to build a dry stone wall at Stonewell Farm in Killingworth, CT.

Andrew Pighills conducted a successful dry stone wall building workshop here at Stonewell Farm this past weekend. The weather was made to order and the participants were as well; a really amazing group who possessed advanced teamwork skills and were particularly attentive to understanding and implementing the dry stone wall building principles that they were learning. The section of wall that they built is something they can all be proud of.

Happy Spring

Happy Easter

Whatever our faith might be, we have all looked forward to the hopefulness and revitalization that this season brings…all the more precious for its brevity.  This coming weekend we’re expecting some wonderful weather so while many will be out preparing an Easter Egg hunt, we will be rebuilding our garden fence to keep the adorable creatures pictured above, where they belong; on postcards or pasture but not in the gardens. We wish you a Happy Spring!