Cabin Fever and Preparing for Spring


Cabin Fever

After an unseasonably warm winter it seems that Spring might arrive earlier than usual, but then again, I suppose we must always “beware the ides of March”. This English style weather we’ve been having doesn’t do much to lift us out of the ‘cabin fever’ doldrums; raw, penetratingly damp and greyish in hue. Glints of sunlight and moderate temperatures do penetrate our cage, but the moment we step outside and take the initiative to move a bit of mud around Mother Nature raps us on the knuckles to remind us of our place.  Well, okay, but she didn’t invent tools and To-Do lists so, there’s plenty to do while we wait for her to give us the nod on Spring activity, especially if, like us, you didn’t get around to doing all the things on the list last Fall.

Check Tools, Equipment and Supplies:

  • Sharpen pruners, loppers and shears; oil hinges
  • Clean and check functionality of spray bottles
  • Check supply of potting soil
  • Check supply of organic fertlizers (we use Espoma products, such as Bulbtone, Rose-tone, Holly-tone, etc…)
  • Prepare gardening calender
  • Check condition of watering devices (hoses, nozzles, spray heads, watering cans, etc…)
  • Check spades, trowels, rakes, hoes, etc..
  • Assuming that your garden seeds are well in order by this time, prepare a planting schedule and mark it on the calender. I’m going to be adventurous this year and plant lettuces before the last frost date. (I’ll keep you posted on how that goes).

Till the next post, Good Luck and really make an effort to enjoy the few pleasures that the winter season dictates; reading, cooking, organizing files, correspondance, etc…

A penny for your thoughts.

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