Upcoming Shoretalk Feature

ShoreTalk; People, Trends and Lifestyles

Dr. Kathleen Skoczen and Michelle Becker in the studio

ShoreTalk; People, Trends and Lifestyles
on the Connecticut Shoreline is the brainchild of Belinda Jones and Dr. Kathleen Skoczen. This much-needed Public Access TV program does just what it says it does; introduces us to the rich and diverse community that we share here on the CT shoreline.

I am honored to be  a featured guest on the show to discuss the work I do in decorative painting, paint archeology, and fine art paintings. I will appear on the show in the following time slots:

Michelle Becker

  Weds. August 10th, 4pm or 7:30pm

Fri., August 12th, 2pm or 7:30pm

  Channel 19