Fresh, Organic Garden Produce 2011-Vole Revisions


Earlier I posted a Greengrocer page on this blog offering a very limited number of weekly garden baskets of fresh, organic vegetables, herbs and flowers to interested ‘subscribers’. Alas. I’m afraid I have to revise my approach. In the battle with voles, the voles seem to be getting the upper hand. We can neither predict nor state with any confidence that there will be a bounty to share, despite our eternal hopes.

Enter PLAN ‘B’.

We have purchased a very large cooler, which we have placed at the end of our driveway in the same location as  the previous, smaller ‘egg cooler’. Each Thursday I will post a list of vegetable and flowers, if any are available, on the Greengrocer page of the lettersfromstonewell blog. I will harvest the most popular of these vegetables and store them in the cooler on Friday afternoon. If you are especially interested in something or other that we have, you can send me an E-mail  ( and I will  make sure to reserve your produce and arrange a time when you can pick it up. We’ll see how this works. It may turn out to be more efficient for everyone involved if I were to simply e-mail those that are interested.

I apologize to those that may be disappointed with this turn of events.

A penny for your thoughts.

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