Recalcitrant Spring

Its turning out to be a delayed spring, misty and cold enough to make yet another and hopefully the last trip to the woodshed. The greenhouse is the warmest place to be, and its a good thing as we’ve plenty of work there to keep us busy tending all the young plants that really ought to have been put into the ground by now. The soil thermometer jumps crazily from the 40’s to the 6o’s and although we’ve planted some tomatoes in the garden we’re keeping some plants in reserve as back up. The magnolia bloomed two weeks later than usual but a vision of spring beauty it is.  Meanwhile the cold weather crops are coming along slowly but surely…spinach, lettuce, mustard greens, beets, swiss chard, radishes, brassicas. The poor little hummingbirds arrived a week or two earlier than usual. We’ve increased the sugar content of their nectar. The orioles are back and are wistfully hanging around the apple trees, but they too are a bit early. The honeybees are tender creatures and grateful for the sugar syrup we’re supplying them with. The ducks are sitting on eggs, and frankly, a cozy little sheltered duckhouse seems like the place to be for my money. (I’m hoping that the chickens don’t get broody, 30 chickens is more than enough).  Some old-timers are saying we’re in for a cool summer. We’ll see………………I’m not putting my sweaters away yet.

A penny for your thoughts.

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