The green shoots that put the spring in spring

The green shoots that put the spring in spring.

This being the first year that we are able to harvest asparagus, I consider this a triumph of our edible landscape.  (The daffodils are no slackers either!) The asparagus have been a delicious treat, especially tossed with pasta made from our duck’s eggs which impart a lightness that makes no sense, knowing that they are richer than chicken eggs.  The voles seem to be enjoying them as well.(the asparagus, not the duck eggs) and they are the bane of our existence these days. Andrew is keeping a tally to mark his trapping successes. Last count was 30 voles and 10 or so moles.  This is utterly demoralizing.  Every effort to create a rich soil does as much to encourage more herbaceous predators.  My mind turns to ferrets, and worse.

For those starting a new asparagus bed you’ll know that one ought not to harvest the spears in the first couple of years. If you’re like us you won’t be able to help yourself and will throw caution to the wind and start cutting. Its okay but don’t overdo it.  If you take no more than a third of the spears you’ll leave enough to promote the plants’ future vitality.

Tomorrow we’ll be enjoying a salad of steamed asparagus  topped with chopped, hard boiled quail eggs and a caesar vinaigrette.  Now, if only our mead was ready for the drinking…..but that will be next year’s triumph.

A penny for your thoughts.

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