Gardener’s Cabin Fever

Gardener’s have their methods of dealing with cabin fever during the Persephone months. We do a lot of chair and sofa gardening/continuing ed. We read about it, dream about it, order seeds, order plants,  surf the internet, expand our knowledge, imagine improvements to our gardens and prepare fresh To Do lists thinking these will be more effective than they’ve been in the past, all the while biding our time until the first snowdrops emerge ( of the botanical kind not the meteorological ones)  to signal de-hibernation.

But when that is not enough and a trip to the Caribbean isn’t in the offing the next best thing is a trip to a greenhouse. On Friday evening and a very cold evening it was, we headed to New Haven to attend a grand opening of a new greenhouse at Yale’s  Marsh Botanical Garden. Inspired by this event (and noting that more than a few plant specimens bore labels from Logee’s Greenhouse) we headed to Logee’s the next day to get another fix of chlorophyll. Next weekend we might head to the NY Botanical Gardens.


Brugmansia at Marsh Botanical Garden

pitcher plants

Pitcher plants in the old greenhouse at Yale's Marsh Botanical Garden

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