Got eggs ?

For our local friends who like our eggs I’d like to come up with a way that you can log onto this blog and find out if we have eggs available so as to save you a trip over here and any ensuing disappointment. Sometimes the hens are laying, sometimes they’re slacking off (that’s a bit mean, they can’t help it when they’re moulting). If I can figure out how to post an image in the sidebar of a basket of eggs I’ll do it.

By the way, we presently have lots of eggs.  The veteran hens are back into their routine and the 22 week old pullets are really going great guns so we’re getting about 20 eggs a day.  There are three new colors in the mix; a pale blue, an olive green and an off-white, very elegant. As usual, the eggs are in an insulated cooler on the front steps along with the coffee can cash register. Stop by and see us.