Stonewell is our little five acre patch in Connecticut located  in the area considered to be the CT Shoreline (USDA gardening Zone 6). Here, my husband Andrew, and I make art, garden, and dream up new projects to extend the work in progress. The first kitchen garden we created, and which we’ve now outgrown, features raised beds, a rustic fence and a fanned peach tree. In it we grow 38 different kinds of vegetables of mostly heirloom varieties. The Liberty Garden is a recent expansion  comprising a cutting garden, another kitchen garden, a perennial border  dominated by roses, the beginnings of an espaliered enclosure using heirloom apple trees (with the hopes of creating a living fence) and an asparagus bed that will be planted in Spring 2010.

We shall soon outgrow the Liberty Garden, nay we’ve already done so, and will soon be forced to create a new cutting garden to accommodate our rapidly increasing stock of dahlias and gladiolii and our excessive fondness for annual cut flowers.

Twice a year in June and September we host open garden days and enjoy the opportunity to meet other gardeners  and compare notes.

Our flock of about thirty chickens of various breeds keeps us entertained and we sell the surplus of eggs.

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