I’m only millimeters away from overdosing on cuteness. Breaking news, (literally)Timmy has done it….hatched some ducklings just as we were giving up all hope. Parenthetically, there’s some breeding peculiarity with Muscovy crosses that can result in infertility and after over 30 days (normal is 26) we were beside ourselves (well, I was) fearing we would have to intervene; take away the eggs, remove Timmy from her brooding condo and suffer the sadness of one seriously mournful, cravingly expectant Mama ( and she is the sweetest, gentlest duck ever to have waddled in this wide world). I count 4 little black and gold fluff dumplings (no that’s not a typo….its one of the symptoms of cuteness OD) so far but don’t want to disturb her on the nest. Its ongoing. There may be more tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted, next time with photos.

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